I have been using the Estate Planning Portfolio binders from Source 1 for three years now. They are just beautiful and I am proud to offer them as part of my services to my clients. The binders always make quite an impression when I present them at my signing meetings. Every order has been shipped virtually immediately so I never have to worry about running out. I love the free shipping and great prices. I can’t imagine running my practice without this valuable resource.
 - Wendi Temkin, principal of Temkin Law LLC, Boulder, CO. www.temkinlawllc.com.

We received the tabs! So quick, just in time for a big presentation! THANK YOU.
 - Matthew | Provo, UT

I can't fathom not using these binders, they're the best.
 - Kern | Fremont, CA

Thanks so much for your help in determining the right binders to order.
 - Jeanne | Colorado Springs, CO

Just wanted to say how happy we are with the binders we ordered. Thank you for your assistance in the process.
 - Patricia | Troy, MI

We received the shipment of portfolios today. I am very impressed with the quality. Thank you.
 - Cindy | Redwood City, CA

They look great and we are very satisfied. Thanks for all your help.
 - Dora | Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to thank you for the great service. Your continuous communication, excellent recommendations and beautiful product makes me happy to recommend you and your company to any of my colleagues! I look forward to our next order. The binders are absolutely fabulous!...now I just have to restrain myself to use up those old binders first.
 - Danielle | San Diego, CA

The binders are absolutely fabulous !
 - Marcia | San Diego, CA

Very Happy with our Order...We received them on Monday and I’ve been meaning to email and let you know how extremely pleased with our binders. They look very nice and we appreciate your help with this. Now our clients can have something nice with all their documents and that means a lot to us and to them.
 - Natalie | Tulsa, OK

The samples arrived today and they look great!
 - Tyler | Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you! We received the binders and we are happy with them.
 - Felicity | Sherman Oaks, CA

We received the binders yesterday – they look great!
 - Christina | Albany, NY

Just a big shout out to say we got the binders and tabs and all the attorneys love them!
 - Lori | Lisle, IL

Absolutely loved them...they turned out fantastic!!!! Thank you
 - Susie | Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you so much for getting right back to me with answers and expediting this order. We love the binders! They are very professional with the custom dividers. I'm sure we'll be ordering more soon. Thank you again!!!!!!!
 - Tammy | Clearwater, FL

We are absolutely thrilled with the result! Thank you!
 - Greer | Spokane, WA

The binders were a HUGE success, clients loved them and we are starting to run low so I need to place a re-order ASAP.
 - Edward | Hawley, PA

Everything looks great. I've already handed out a couple to clients, and they love them.
 - Rod | Tulsa, OK

Just received the Dividers and they are perfect. Thanks!
 - Diane | Eagan, MI

We spoke on the phone the other day to confirm my first order for binders and tabs. They are great, by the way, and I appreciate your taking the time to "warn" me about the 2.5" binders. The 2" are plenty big!
 - Sally | Monroeville, PA

...love them! came out better than expected, thanks very much.
 - Edward | Brooklyn, NY

They do look great. We are very pleased with them. Thank you for your assistance with this order.
 - Eunice | Medford, OR

We love the Estate Planning Portfolio binder.
 - Bettie | San Francisco, CA

Thank you for the prompt response and shipping...Thank you so much for taking the time to explain your products and pricing structure to me. I felt really good after we spoke on the phone, and I will be sending my brochure work to you in the next week or so for a printing quote. Also, I will most likely be placing an order for customized binders in the very near future.
 - Michael | Maple Valley, WA

We received the sample binder order of the 2-1/2” Deluxe Turned-Edge in Green with Gold lettering with 20 tabs. It looks great and will suit our purposes nicely.
 - Susan | Las Vegas, NV

Thanks, Kevin. We will certainly reorder when we’ve gone through all of these.
 - Judy | Lake Tahoe, NV

Great chatting with you. Thank you for your time, insights, and guidance. I look forward to receiving your binders in short-time.
 - Edward | Charlotte, NC

We are going through our beautiful binders like there is no tomorrow! Could I please get a quote to order more? I’m thinking this time maybe just the 1” – 150 or 200.
 - Donna | Las Vegas, NV

We received the binders yesterday and they are beautiful. Thank you.
 - Kim | Tucson, AZ

Our binders are beautiful—really beautiful. I love the blue and silver combo!!! I have the binders on display near my cube. Again, they’re impressive!
 - Eileen | Oak Brook, IL

I received my order yesterday and love the binders.
 - Erica | Copley, OH

The new binders are perfect, thank you again for the great customer service.
 - Theresa | Scottsdale, AZ

I received them. Thank you. They are very nice! I’m sure I will be ordering from you again.
 - Kelly | Strongsville, OH

The binders arrived this morning and everything is just great. Thanks for your prompt attention.
 - Sandy | Bellevue, WA

...thank you so much for your continued great customer service.
 - Elaine | Muskegon, MI

We received the binders. They look great. Thanks for your help.
 - Matt | Wilmington, DE

They look great and we are very pleased with them. Good job! It has been a pleasure working with you.
 - Pat | Wichita, KS

Shipment received!  Wow – such fast service.  Thank you very much! The product is great...!
 - Gail | Healdsburg, CA

We received the binders today and they are gorgeous, we are quite pleased and thank you for the wonderful work!
 - Leslie | Mission Viejo, CA

We love the binders!  They look and feel great.  They are exactly what we were looking for!
 - Hope | Lancaster, OH

You guys are amazing!
 - Daryla | Brentwood, TN

The Binders look great! We are anxious to give them to our clients.
 - Keri | Falls Church, VA

We love them!  When we run low, we will order more.
 - Cori | Grover Beach, CA

We are very pleased with the Estate Planning binders we ordered from you.  Your customer service was great, and we are proud to give the finished product to our clients.  We will definitely come to you again.  Thanks for your help and attention to detail.
 - Stephenie | Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks so much for getting back with me so quickly.  I like the free shipping!
 - Tina | Altamonte Springs, FL

We are excited about our new binders.  They are beautiful and we are very happy.
 - Marilyn | Pacific Grove, CA

Got em…love them! Our managing partner is very happy with them as well. Thanks for your help with these...Appreciate all of your help and we really love our binders!
 - Donna | Las Vegas, NV

We received the estate plan binders from you a little while ago. Thank you for working with us to get all our questions answered, and get the order processed. We were very satisfied with our binders and tabs!
 - James | Ogden, UT

I received the binders today and very pleased with my order.
 - Keith | Lake Oswego, OR

Thanks for your help! Very easy process.
 - Tom | Charleston, SC

I was very impressed with how quickly you processed and shipped my order. Thank you so much! I think I found my new source for Estate Planning binders!
 - Kyle | Pebble Beach, CA

Source 1 was great. Custom ordering was a breeze and they provided a quality product in a timely manner and at a fair price. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.
- Philip | Fresno, CA

We are really enjoying our custom binders!
 - Theresa | Houston, TX

...we received them and they look great. Thank you.
 - Sarah | Phoenix, AZ

I really like them...Hopefully it generates a good feed back and we can...place another order. Thanks again for your patience and help.
 - Michelle | Delafield, WI

They have arrived and everything looks great. Thank you so very much for all of your help!
 - Carrie | Lexington, KY

...They are great. Thank you!
 - Theresa | Fairfield, NJ

We received our estate plan binders yesterday and are very happy with the way they turned out...Thanks again for your help with walking us through the start of this process.
 - Elaine | Muskegon, MI

We got the binders today and they are GREAT! Thank you for your patience and help in getting this project to such a successful conclusion. Couldn't be happier with the results.
 - Debbie | San Jose, CA

Here at HP, we have extensive access to a large number of great suppliers along with many new vendors knocking on the door every day. Even with all those great choices, I still find myself turning to Source 1 again and again, to help get my projects completed on time and on budget. They’re fast, responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable. Source 1 makes things easier for me, and I find the projects I work on with Source 1 are always less stressful. I really appreciate their value as a key supplier.
 - Dawn | Purchasing Manager

The Major League Baseball Umpires Manuals have been a huge hit with all the umpires, Club General Managers and Major League Baseball Officers. They are very pleased with the durability of the binders and we have to thank you for recommending the 55 gauge poly. Also the printing on the binders is beautiful. Over all a job well done! Thanks again for the excellent work.
 - Warren | Purchasing

We conduct training seminars nationally and need to tailor our materials for those specific markets. We used to work with another printer to produce our training materials (manuals), but there was constant turnover, and there were problems on just about every job. When there were problems, there was no accountability to help resolve those issues. It just took too much time for us to manage them, and they were no longer dependable. We looked for a new supplier and have been using Source 1 ever since. They remember who we are when we call and they are always responsive. When we need to revise our files, they are very accommodating and we know they’ll make the changes and ship the right product directly to our seminars. We never have to QC their work, and we can trust Source 1 to get our job done right the first time. We wouldn’t use anyone else.
 - Kevin Davis | President